Shadow Constellations Workshops

Each Shadow Constellations Workshop is focused on a specific Shadow issue and its effects.

We explore the main Shadow archetypes (shadow, persona and quality orgold) related to this issue.

Then we go through various personal and group sessions to help us acknowledge, identify and integrate with that Shadow.

You don’t need to know what your Shadow issue is, to come to a workshop.

Since the Shadow lies in the realm of the unknown, it is enough that you feel drawn to participate or that you are triggered by the issue of the workshop.

Due to the Coronavirus situation, the workshops schedule has changed.

A new schedule will be released soon.
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Here is a partial list of the available workshops.
Regardless of the topic, all workshops are experiential and include some theory:

Introduction to Shadow Constellations: A basic, yet deep overview of the Shadow realms and Shadow work, including the main archetypes of the Shadow:
3 * 2.5 hours weekly lessons.

Beyond Survival – A mini course for personal development in times of crisis: Difficult times tend to draw us into our automatic survival responses. In this 3 part mini-course, you will receive practical tools and perspectives to help you develop a healthier state:
a sense of safety,
a greater freedom of choice in dealing with the current situation,
a connection with other people looking to develop beyond survival.

Client-facilitator relationship Shadows: Learning to observe and work with the effect the Shadow has on our relationship with clients and students, with what we can hold and why we fail to be empathetic.

Shadows of helplessness: Helplessness is a major cultural and personal Shadow. Helplessness draw us into despair, heroism or criticism (drama triangle variations). Integrating with it make us better professionals, especially at times of crisis.

Shadows of success: What are the Shadows that interfere with our business success? Some are generic (money, sex, power), some more specific (do no harm for the healing professions) and some are very specific. But all affect the size of our clinic, our income and our impact.

Cultural and collective Shadows: In this workshop we explore the effect that cultural and the collective Shadows have on us personally, and how it affects our practice when working with people from various cultures.

For information on these workshops, and if you are interested in workshops on other topics, please contact me.