War, collective trauma and the darker aspects of the Human Condition

Hellinger and Anngwyn

Based on private conversations between

Bert Hellinger and Anngwyn St.Just

The Event:

Bert Hellinger, the “father” of Family Constellations was deeply interested in war and its effect on the following generations.

This is an opportunity to learn from Bert Hellingers’ wisdom and understanding of this field, beyond what he shared in his teaching and his books.

The main speaker:

Anngwyn St.Just, a long time student and colleague of Bert Hellinger,
will share what she learned from him about war, collective trauma and the darker aspects of the human nature.

Most of what Anngwyn will share with us comes from personal communication over
several years of close association with Bert Hellinger.

The event organizers:

The event is co-organized by Nir Esterman and Graciela Lauro.


About Anngwyn St. Just, (Ph.D),

Anngwyn is a systemically oriented social traumatologist who studied nursing at Johns Hopkins Hospital and holds advanced degrees from The Western Institute for Social Research and the University of California in Berkeley.

She is also a cultural historian, psychotherapist and somatic educator who specializes in developing multimodaly cross cultural methods based upon easily transmitted concepts for trauma education and recovery.

Currently the director of The Arizona Center for Social Trauma and ACST International, she has served as advisor to the Drug and Alcohol Studies Program at the University of California at Berkeley. For over 40 years she has maintained a co-creative relationship with Peter Levin.

Dr. St. Just has traveled widely in North and South America, Europe and Russia teaching innovative ways of healing individual and social trauma. She is the author of numerous articles and ten books translated into German and Spanish.

About Nir Esterman,

Nir is a Shadow work and Family Constellation teacher, the developer of Shadow Constellations, a body psychotherapist and an Embodiment trainer.

Nir holds a B.Sc in Bioinformatics and a M.Sc in Science Education.

A teacher in the Constellation Path institute for the study of systemic constellations and a Shadow work teacher in the international embodiment facilitator course Russia.

Nir is also a 2nd Generation to the holocaust on both sides and has worked a lot with the effect of the war on the 2nd and 3rd generations of the war.

Nir is a co-organizer of this event and will host the event and interview Anngwyn St.Just.

About Graciela Lauro,

Graciela Lauro is an Argentinean journalist, mother of two young daughters. She holds a Communication Sciences and Journalism Degree from the University of Buenos Aires.

Graciela is the Director of Signos Ediciones, a publishing company dedicated to systemic works.

Editor of the main books of Bert Hellinger and Dr. Anngwyn St Just in Spanish.

Journalist winner of the most important journalistic prizes in Argentina from newspaper La Nacion and ADEPA (Association of the main newspaper of Argentina) with an extensive Investigation about Sexual Commercial Exploitation of Children in South America.

Author of the first introductory book in Spanish language about Bert Hellinger Family Constellations titled ” La Reconciliacion con el Origen y el Destino” (Reconciliating with Origin and Destiny, 2005, 4 editions, 5000 copies sold).

Graciela is a co-organizer of this event.

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The Event plan:

The event took place on the 18th of March, 9-12 am Arizona time (GMT -6).

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The event schedule:

  • A short welcome.
  • An Interview with Anngwyn St.Just based on questions sent in advance (one hour).
  • A short break.
  • Live Q&A (one hour).
  • Sharing in small groups in breakout rooms (20-30 min)
  • Event conclusion


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This is a FREE event for the benefit of the entire Constellation community.

It is aimed for sharing the knowledge and wisdom of Bert Hellinger on the subject of intergenerational trauma of war, collective trauma and the darker aspects of the human condition.

Both the live event and the recording will be free forever.

Please Help Funding

Although the event is free and will stay that way,
we do have some organizational costs we invite you to help fund if you are in a position to do so.

The fundraising is aimed at covering the cost of the platform and the live translation to Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, and hopefully Hebrew.

The cost of organizing this event is 770 USD.

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