Honouring those to whom we owe our life

Adam Parapura was a Polish, Catholic, driver.

During the holocaust, he saved my mother’s entire family from being murdered in the Warsaw Ghetto.

At great risk to himself and his wife, he transferred food and vital supplied into the ghetto, and smuggled my family members out, one by one, offering them shelter, support and arranging for forged documents.

He died shortly after the war ended. My family kept in touch with his widow and took care of her.
in 1990, my parents managed to make him and his wife acknowledged as “Righteous among the nations”

It is thanks to him that I am alive and have my own family.
I can’t imagine the depth of courage and of soul that Adam had, to take these risks to save his Jewish friends lives.

On this Holocaust memorial day,
I would like to offer a free gathering of honouring those to whom we owe our lives, and learning from them.

A 2.5 hour online gathering in which we will connect and gather strength, courage and wisdom from those who were there, our ancestors or those who saved our ancestors.

Each one of those who were there has something to offer us. No matter on what side they were, what choices they made and what motivated them, they are all a part of our family and should be honoured.

When: 8th of April 2021, 20:00-22:30 Israel time

Participation is free.

Registration is required, so that I know how many people to expect.

* Prior experience with Constellations is assumed.

* The gathering is live – There will be no recording.


When you register, you will receive an email with the Zoom link.

If you do not receive this mail within several minutes it means that something went wrong with the registration.

In this case, please write me directly and I will register you manually and send you the link.