Systemic work online

How to successfully adapt your practice

A practical, experiential workshop for 

the systemic worker who wishes to move their practice and teaching online in a good way.

 Friday, April 24th 2020, 12-15:30 GMT + 1 on Zoom

Hello, My name is Nir Esterman. I am a facilitator and teacher of systemic work (see my bio below). I wish to share my positive experience of online teaching and facilitating systemic work in a variety of contexts with you.

The Corona virus is a force of change.

As a community of systemic facilitators, it challenges us to take our work online.

We must do so in order to be able to continue our practice, to continue supporting
and assisting our clients and students as well as open our doors to future clients to
benefit from systemic work.

You are warmly invited to a community priced, experiential workshop in which you can learn the basics of what you need to go online yourself, tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to meeting you online,

Nir Esterman

Please pay attention that the time has changed to 12:00 – 15:30 GMT + 1

Transferring systemic work online

Traditionally, systemic constellations are facilitated in the same physical space.

These unprecedented times, however, call upon us to advance from the comfort of the physical space and into the online realm.

As a facilitator or a teacher, you know how to:

  • Create a safe environment
  • Have a systemic perspective
  • Gain a sense of the client and representative’s body and other internal sensations
  • Connect with physical representations
But will this work as well online?


Will the 'magic' of systemic work transfer well to the online world?

My answer is “yes, it will”.

Despite being ‘techy’ I never thought that it would be possible to facilitate and teach online.

Then, a couple of years ago, I started receiving requests from students and clients abroad (I live in Israel).
This is my positive experience of facilitating personal online sessions:
  • Both myself and my clients feel the representations – no matter where they are placed
  • I can feel the clients’ bodies and reactions almost as if we are in the same room
  • Most technological issues are due to disconnections in the field and not internet issues
  • Phenomena find their way into the constellations in new ways, in addition to the traditional ones
  • With some preparation, most clients feel safe and at ease
  • The effects of online constellations is as powerful as the traditional physical ones
  • It also works well with most new clients
Encouraged by these findings I started to facilitate group work and teaching online courses

 The results were generally very positive:

Indeed, online group work may take some adjustments, and may require more commitment from participants and the teacher alike. However:

  • Everything that works in personal sessions works as well in group work
  • Representatives feel their roles from half way across the globe 
  • Systemic and group dynamics are essentially the same
  • Participants are still sometimes being ‘captured’ by roles in advance of the session


Final conclusion: Systemic work can be safely transferred online and I will be glad to show you how 

A short Bio

Nir Esterman,

A teacher and a facilitator of Family/Systemic Constellations and of Shadow Work, with several hundred hours of personal sessions, workshops, conferences and online courses.

A body psychotherapist (Grinberg method).

Developer of ‘Shadow Constellations‘ and Way of ‘Body and Shadow‘ approaches.

A teacher in the ‘Constellation Way School of Systemic Constellations’ founded by Yishai Gaster.

A teacher in Embodiment Facilitator course (EFC) Russia, founded by Mark Walsh and directed by Alexandra Vivlovskaya.

Lives with his family in Israel, works and teaches locally and abroad.

M.Sc in Science Teaching from the Weizmann Institute of Science.

B.Sc in Maths, Computer Science & Biology (Bioinformatics) from Ben Gurion University.

This workshop is for

Teachers, facilitators and students of systemic constellations.

It is assumed that you have some experience and that you are familiar with:

  • The basics of family constellation
  • Working with physical/ground representations
  • Being a representative for another person
  • Facilitating a simple structure at least once (including during studies)
  • Settings and holding space principles


* Experience with Zoom is not required (you will receive some basic video and text instructions), We will focus on the facilitation itself.

You are most welcome to register for the entire workshop.

However, it is possible to register for the first part only

Workshop Structure

The workshop is divided into two 1.5 hours parts.

Part 1: (90 minutes)

  • Basics of 1*1 systemic facilitation
  • Personal guided structure
  • Exercise in couples/trios
  • Sharing and Q&A

A break: 20 minutes break (to move our bodies)

Part 2: (90 minutes)

  • Online group constellation
  • Summary
  • If time allows, some Q&A

Time and Place

The workshop will take place on Friday, the 24th of April.

12:00 – 15:30 London, UK time (GMT +1 / UTC + 1)

13:00 – 16:30 Amsterdam, Central Europe time (GMT + 2 / UTC + 2)

14:00 – 17:30 Jerusalem, Israel time (GMT + 3 / UTC + 3)

You can calculate the time in your country here.

We will meet on Zoom – A popular free software that works on all devices.

After registration, a link for the meeting will be sent to your email along with instructions on how to prepare for the workshop.

* If you are unable to participate at this time, you may register for the first part and receive a recording to watch at your convenience.

Cost and Registration

This workshop is given as a community resource and is minimally priced:

You may register for the first part only (20 Euro)  or for the entire workshop (35 Euro).

* If this community pricing is still holding you back from participating, please let me know and we will find a solution.

Registration for this workshop has two steps:

1. Please fill in your contact detail in the form so that the Zoom link can be sent to you.

2. Then choose the partial or full workshop and click to pay with Paypal.


1. Enroll by filling in your contact details.

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Questions and Contact

Please feel free to contact me with any question or request.

I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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