Systemic perspectives I wish that therapists knew about

This series of five experiential lessons is aimed at teaching systemic perspectives and practices important for therapists and other helpers.

These are topics I consider a must to any professional helper, be they therapists, coaches, healers, teachers or facilitators.

Some of these perspectives and tools are a part of the core of Systemic and Family Constellations, while others I have developed myself and found them to be most helpful to both myself and my students.

* The lessons will be taught online, on Zoom, in English.

What is a systemic perspective?

In systemic perspective, we consider not only the individual, their childhood, their trauma’s etc.
but also the wider context we are all a part of.

We include the:
Family of origin and the extended family.
Intergenerational layer with all the ancestors.
Excluded, dead and unborn family members
Current family
Self-parts, especially those in the Shadow.
Cultural and collective influences

We examine roles, relationships and relative position and ask:
To whom belongs the symptom the client carries?
What roles does the client unconsciously plays?
What needs to move in the clients’ system in order for a dynamic to change?
What should change in the system so that the client becomes well supported and in touch with their true sources of power?

How is it relevant to Therapists, Coaches, Practitioners and Facilitators?

As helpers, it helps us:
Identify and move out of difficult client-facilitator dynamics.
Help clients to become supported by their system rather than by us.
Locate the root causes of issues even (especially) when it lies with the dead.
Balance the burden of the client with the members of the family system.

Would you like to learn to more about systemic perspective and become a Systemic Facilitator?
Click here to learn about the “Family Constellation certification program”

The list of lessons:

The embodiment of our ancestors – How the embodiment of our ancestors keeps living in us and how to work with this.

Shadows of relationships – On the Shadows in romantic relationships that draw us to each other and at the same time trigger the hell out of us.

Systemic transference – breaking free from the transference spell (a different approach to understanding and working with transference).

The dead you forget – How the forgotten dead of your clients family affect both of you and how including them can empower you both.
The overwhelmed client & the Overwhelmed Facilitator– Perspectives and practical tips on helping overwhelmed clients and ourselves to quickly get stable and focused.

Practical information:

Each lesson costs 25€.
You may take the entire series for 100(Instead of 125)

Each lesson is one hour long.
They will all take place on Sundays, 8:30-9:30 am UK time.

26.6.2022 – The Embodiment of our Ancestors
3.7.2022   – Shadows of Relationships
10.7.2022   – Systemic Transference
17.7.2022 – The Dead you Forget
24.7.2022 – The Overwhelmed Client & the Overwhelmed Facilitator

* The lessons will be recorded so that you can watch them later


What is the plan for each lesson? 
App’ 25 minutes of theory. 25 minutes of going through experiential practical practice. 10 minutes for sharing.

Will there be time for questions?
There will be little time for Q&A. Howevre, you will also be invited to a private FB group where you can ask questions and discuss the content. 

Will there be a recording?
 Yes, you will receive the recordings so that you can watch them later if you missed a lesson or wish to re-watch.

Can I watch it with friends?
The price is for a personal participation. You are most welcome to invite your friends to purchase the lessons and then watch them together.

Can I ask for other topics?
Yes, you are most welcome to ask and I will consider such requests for a future series.


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Receiving an email with the links for full series or for the lessons you chose(typically within 3 days).

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