Shadows of Romantic Relationships

If you do not address your childhood trauma, your romantic relationships will
~Neil Strauss

Our Shadow is made of all the self-parts that we repress and deny, what we cannot and will not accept us belonging to us. When we see (or project) our Shadows on other people, we are triggered in different ways.

Sometimes Shadow triggering makes us judgmental, angry, superior… sometimes it makes us disgusted and wanting to go away.
In romantic relationship however, Shadow Triggering first takes the form of infatuation, of falling in love, of feeling like we can finally be ourselves and feel at home, that we are complete together.

This is mainly because we recognize in our partner, something which we have cut off from ourselves and deep deep inside, we need to have it back in order to feel whole again.

Shadow Triggering as a gateway to peace and harmony

It is only some time later that the other forms of triggering begin to appear and strongly influence our romantic relationship.

Being Shadow Triggered by our partners can be a source of discomfort and great difficulty, especially since they have their own Shadows to be triggered by and when one of us gets triggered, it is likely that the other one will respond in kind.

It can however, also be a gateway to reintegrating with our own Shadow.
When we choose to accept our repressed and denied self parts, we become more whole, we gain internal peace which expresses itself also in being less triggered in the relationship – peace at home.

The Workshop plan

In this concentrated 2 hours workshop, we will:

  • Learn how and why the Shadow affects our romantic relationships so.
  • Experience a couple of structured personal Shadow Constellations to integrate our Shadows, reduce triggering and increase freedom and peace.
  • Have time for sharing and Q&A

Who is this workshop for?

  • People in romantic relationships wishing to feel and be better partners.
  • Therapists, facilitators and other professionals looking for a systemic understanding of Shadows in relationships
  • Singles who feel that they judge too much or are being sucked into relationships too fast

A recording of the workshop (speaker view) will be sent to all who registered for this workshop.

Practical information

When: The workshop took place on Sunday, the 12th of February 2023.

It was recorded and you may still purchase the recording.

Cost: 30 Euro (or equivalent in other currencies)

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