Shadow Constellations Intensive - Dharamkot

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” C.G. Jung

🔷 A Shadow Constellations intensive for facilitators, Therapists & Teachers🔷

Journey through your Shadows to create a deeper, safer and more expansive space for your clients. –

In the intricate dance of facilitation, we often encounter shadows—those uncharted territories of our psyche (and body) that shape the silent interplay between our clients and ourselves.

Our Shadows matter – they affect our clients directly, as well as space holding, safety, depth, the range and type of clients and issues we attract, and much more.

Shadow Constellations combine the healing potential of Family Constellations (Bert Hellinger) and Shadow Work (Carl Jung). It connects Inter-generational trauma healing with self-part integration in novel ways.

For Professionals, Shadow Constellations may support:

🔹 Lowering Shadow triggering, judgements and reactivity
🔹 Maintaining healthy Boundaries.
🔹 Reducing Empathic failures and helping to recover from them.
🔹Clearing unconscious entanglements and projections for both sides.
🔹Avoiding power dynamics and other traps to enhance safety and reduce retraumatization.
🔹 Minimizing the danger of burnout.
🔹 Handling erotic/romantic transference and countertransference in a professional way.
🔹 And much more

We invite you to join us in the Shadow Constellations Intensive.
A deep 3-day in-depth exploration that will support you professionally and personally. 

Day 1: Our  Facilitator Shadows: 
Learning to identify our Shadows and how they affect our clients and the healing space * Reducing and recovering from Empathic failures * Receiving a deep systemic understanding of the transference & countertransference dynamics between clients and facilitators.

Day 2: Shadows of Helplessness and the Drama/Trauma Triangle: 
On the second day, we will focus on identifying and integrating with our disowned Helplessness that makes us easily captured into our clients’ Victim-Perpetrator-Savior (and Silent Accomplice) roles. 

Day 3: Shadows of Sexuality and maintaining clear boundaries spacious container:
On the third day, we will dive into the often invisible and unacknowledged erotic, romantic and sexual entanglements between facilitators and clients, how to identify them in time and use Shadow Constellations to disentangle, thus avoiding harm and creating and maintaining a safe, sacred space for healing.

The intention is highly experiential and practical
We aim for you to be able to take the essence of this work to your practice from the first moment.
🔹The learning will include some practical theory, personal exploration, working with partners and healing group sessions.

🔹Practical information🔹

🌹30th May, 31st May & 1st June (Thursday to Saturday)
🌹Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
🌹Fee: Early bird price 12,000 INR (confirm by 27th May, Monday) | Full price 13,800 INR. The price includes a tasty vegetarian lunch.
🌹Venue: BREATHE, upper Dharamkot next to Rain’s Kitchen
🌹Number of places is limited, and registration has begun. Pleae RSVP
For registration and questions, please whatsapp Nir by clicking on this Whatsapp icon below

About the Facilitators:

Nir Esterman is an international teacher of Embodied Shadow Work and Family Constellations and the developer of Shadow Constellations. He has over 20 years of experience working with people.

Aminah Antar Noor is the developer of Womb Constellations, which focuses on healing personal and ancestral trauma carried in the womb. She is also a GPBA-certified Breathwork Trainer and owner of BREATHE.

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