Shadow Constellations Weekend Workshop
23-24/9/2023 – Amsterdam – Netherlands


Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” C.G. Jung

The Shadow is tricky, slippery, it may even feel devious. It affects how we perceive and react to people, with whom we connect and whom we judge and dislike. It defines who we can work with safely and the issues we can hold well for our clients.

The Shadow is the realm of the unconscious into which we put all the self-parts we repress and deny, that we disown and can’t acknowledge in ourselves. The Shadow is ‘born’ to the family we are born into and into the culture(s) we are brought up in. The Shadow is the”child” of trauma – its shaped after the traumas of our ancestors.

Shadow Constellations combine the healing potential of both Family Constellations as developed by Bert Hellinger and Shadow Work as developed by Carl Jung. It connects Inter-generational trauma healing with Self-Parts Integration in novel ways.

This 2 days workshop is for therapists, facilitators, teachers, practitioners and other professional helpers who work with people.

What to Expect

In this 2 days workshop we will
Learn a variety of ways to identify our Shadows and those of our clients.
♥ Reduce Shadow triggering.
Participate and Practice several powerful Shadow integration processes.
Look at our relationship Shadows and at how to work with them.
take part in group Shadow Constellations.
Work with Historical Cultural Shadows & with the Shadows of nature

Have time for talking, integrating, discussing and integrating the content.

You don’t need to have experience with Family Constellations in order to participate – all professional helpers are welcome to broaden the horizons, receive new perspectives and very practical tools to work deeply and safely with people.

This workshop may be the first part of a series of workshops spanning the full Shadow Constellations training, if there will be such an interest.

A short video introducing the Shadow of the Facilitator

Our Shadow & Professional Relationships

When we see (or project) our Shadow in another person we become triggered.
We may become judgmental, angry, superior and educating, or disgusted and wanting to go away.
It may cause us to lose our empathy and our center, leading to emphatic failures with clients.
It also makes us more prone to being captured by different roles and transference relationships.

What is in our Shadow is what will lead us to recreate harmful relationships. When the helplessness and victim-hood of our clients resonates with the same ones in our Shadow it allows their trauma vortex to pull us deeply into it and lose ourselves. It’s the perpetrator self-parts in us that we do not own that hurt our dear ones and our clients.

Shadow Triggering may also lead to emotional and physical attraction as deep inside we would like to be close and even unite with what we have removed from our conscious presence. This becomes complicated when it happens with our clients, colleagues and teachers, and it does.

Finally, What is in our Shadow influences the range of topics our clients can safely bring to us, and also the types of clients we can work well with.

About Nir Esterman

Nir Esterman(M.Sc),
Nir is a teacher and a facilitator of Family and Systemic Constellations, Embodied Shadow Work and Bodywork with over 20 years of experience
The developer of the Shadow Constellations approach.
Specializes in work with professionals, introducing Systemic Shadow work to therapists and facilitators of all backgrounds.
Teaches internationally, both online and in-person
A staff member of the Constellation Path School of Systemic Constellations and the Systemic Trauma University. Nir is a teacher and presenter in various professional conferences.


Practical information and Registration

Time & Date:  23-24 September 2023.
From 9:30 to 17:30.

Location: De Roos, P.C. Hooftstraat 183, 1071 BW Amsterdam.
A beautiful venue at the border of the Vondelpark. At the lunch break you can buy your lunch here or go for a nice walk to find some nearby café or a supermarket. Lunches at the Roos are relatively cheap, vegetarian and very tasty. Check

Cost: €350 + VAT (total of €423)
* It is possible to divide the payment to up to 4 monthly payments

Language: English.

 Workshop organizer co-space holder: Sonja Knottnerus.
Sonja is a movement lover with a systemic point of view.She is into conscious dance (5Rhythms, Open Floor, ZeroOne)and has done diverse and extensive training in systemic and constellation work.

She likes initiating new events, preferably in co-creation.
Nir and I met online a few years ago. Our intention was to have Nir give a workshop in Amsterdam, but corona got in the way. I am glad to use my organizing skills to make it happen now and will be very happy to welcome you all.


Registration: For Registration, please fill in the registration form at the bottom of the page.

You may want to stay over during the workshop. Amsterdam is not a cheap place to stay. Best chances are when you book well in advance.

Any questions?
For any questions about the content, please contact me (Nir) through the contact form.
For any practical and organizational questions, please email Sonja here.

A free Webinar

On the 4h of September we had a lovely one-hour free webinar towards the workshop.
It included short theory, an experiential practice and some questions and answers.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by participant
Cancellation can only be done by email to the organiser (Sonja).
For cancellations up to 28 calendar days before the start of the workshop, 10% of the participation fee is due.
For cancellation between 28 and 14 calendar days before the workshop starts, 50% of the participation fee is due.
If cancelled within 14 calendar days before the start of the workshop, no refund is possible.

Cancellation by organiser and trainer
Organiser and trainer have the right – giving reasons – to cancel the workshop or refuse a participant’s participation. In such cases, the participant is entitled to a full refund.