Shadow Constellations Training for Therapists - Online

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” C.G. Jung

 The Shadow is the realm of the unconscious into which we put what we repress and deny, what we disown and can’t acknowledge. The Shadow is ‘born’ to the family we are born into and into the culture(s) we are brought up in.

Shadow Constellations combine the healing potential of both Family Constellations and Shadow Work, connecting Intergenerational Healing with Self-Parts Integration in novel ways.

This training module is for therapists, facilitators, teachers, practitioners and other professionals who work with people.
We will focus on experiential learning, giving you personal embodied experience of the work, in addition to the theory and the practice.

* You do not need to have experience or training in Shadow work and/or Family Constellations. All relevant instruction will be given.
You do need to have some training in therapy/coaching/facilitation and experience in working professionally with people.

The next international Shadow Constellations training dates:
9th of September 2024 – 5:30pm – 9pm Israel time.
This training is done in cooperation with Kate White from the ppncenter (US).

Basics of Family Constellations training
3rd of June 2024 – 5:30pm – 9pm Israel time.

For the advanced Shadow Constellations training – The Shadow strikes back dates, please click here.


In the Shadow Constellations Training Module, we will:

  • Get in touch with many of our meaningful Shadows and reintegrate with them
  • Expand the range of issues and clients we can work with
  • Learn how to identify our Shadows and the Shadows of our clients
  • Identify and change the effect the Shadow has on the professional relationships with our clients and our business success
  • Experience Shadow Constellations, both in various personal structures and in group work
  • Learn how to skillfully facilitate Shadow Constellations in both clinical and group settings

On the psychological level, Shadow Constellations allows us to identify and work with the underlying forces that affect and even manage the client-facilitator/therapist relationship.
These include Transference & Counter transference ,Projective identification and Projections in general. This enables therapists to avoid empathic failures and even to turn them into breakthroughs.

On a more general professional level, it allows us to develop greater empathy, powerful gentleness and the ability to work with a broader range of issues and people.

On an emotional level, Shadow Constellations allows us to better understand the hidden dynamics with clients; how to turn what triggers them and us in life, and in the clinic, into a healing and empowering journey of reintegration.
They allow our clients and ourselves to reintegrate and own difficult emotions, experiences and positive qualities.

On a body level, Shadow Constellations helps us to get in touch with our body, through layers and memories filled with shame, disgust and exclusion and through the traumas that are stored in our body.

On the intergenerational level, it allows us to identify, reconnect and heal the sometimes forgotten sources of the Shadow, the traumas of our ancestors, which are the cause of much of our clients’ suffering.

I did this course and found it hugely helpful in my own personal and professional development. Nir is a sensitive, present, self reflected and reflective facilitator, who is flexible enough to go with the flow. I loved that training.
Shadows of the spirit ceremony onlne

Course Content

You are welcome to join this professional course that will teach you how to skillfully bring the healing power of Shadow Constellations into your work.

We will cover the necessary theory and practice, so that you feel comfortable applying these useful tools and perspectives to the work you do with yourself and with your clients and students.

The topics selected for this course were chosen to give you a wide range of practical tools and methods to enhance your therapeutic and facilitating skills as well as support the growth of your clinic or business.

The topics covered will include:

  • The Shadow realms and their main archetypes, background and major contexts of Shadow Work
  • Basics of Family Constellations and Ancestral Healing
  • Shadows of client-practitioner relationships
  • Cultural and collective Shadows
  • Golden Shadows & business success
  • Shadows of helplessness
  • Shadows of aggression and vulnerability
  • Shadows of sexuality
  • Shadows of death

The Constellation Path Institute

This training is recognized as a part of the certification program in “The Constellation Path – International Institute for the Study of Systemic Constellations“.

In order to complete the full certification program, you will need to complete in a satisfactory way, four training modules facilitated by the institute Certified Trainers.

For a training module to be recognized for the certification program, you will need to have attended at least eight lessons and participated in a satisfactory way.

A Personal touch

I am a teacher and a facilitator of Family and Systemic Constellations, Embodied Shadow Work and Embodiment.
I am based in Israel but teach and facilitate globally, in person and online.

If you are interested in this same course in Hebrew, please check the Hebrew Shadow Constellations training

If you would like to know more about me and the way I teach, please read the About page.
You may also watch several video’s of me in the Video Resources page.

For a more direct experience, you are welcome to watch the free Shadow Constellation webinar.
The webinar will took place on Thursday,the 18th of February.

Please fill in the form below to receive the recording of the free webinar by email.

Course registration and practical information

Time Frame: Ten weekly lessons of three and a half hours each – online, via Zoom free software.
We will have a couple of one-time breaks. 

The training dates(2024):
9/9, 16/9, 23/9, 30/9, 7/10, 15/10 – break – 28/10, 4/11, 11/11, 18/11, 25/11 (Please save in case we need it).

Technical requirements:
* A stable internet connection (preferred option is by cable, not wifi, unless your wifi is super stable and very fast).
* A computer/laptop – participating by phone or tablet will result in a greatly decreased experience as you will not be able to see most of the group.
* Working camera, speakers and microphone (or a headset). Laptops have these, desktops not always.
* A quiet, undisturbed space for the duration of the lesson.

Group Size: Up to 19 students in a group.

Course Intention: Practical

In addition to relevant theory, we will have lots of personal structures and group sessions, Q&A and some supervision.
* Everybody will participate in some of the group constellations but not everybody will be the client of a group work.

Cost: €850.

Registration cost for saving your place: €150

Payment options: Payment is done by WISE (
It is possible to pay the reminder in up to ten monthly payments.

Cancellation Policy:
In a case of a cancellation up to :
3 weeks before the training – full refund minus 50 Euros handling fees.
The beginning of the training – Full refund minus the registration cost of 150 euros.
After the training begins there is no refund.

If you are interested in this course, please register in the form below.
A payment request will be sent to you shortly following the registration.

If you have any questions, please write me through the Contact page.

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Evening Training (Israel time)

When: Mondays, 17:30-21:00 Israel time (15:30-19:00 UK time).
Please take care to check the time in your city.

Beginning on 9th of September, 2024.
Course dates: to be updated soon.

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