Shadow Constellations – the shadow strikes back

Lovers of shadows and constellations,
Therapists, coaches, facilitators, healers, care givers,

“The Shadow Strikes Back” is the first advanced training module of Shadow Constellations.

Ten more powerful meetings where we shall dance, court, inquire, integrate and do depth work with our shadows through Shadow Constellations.

What will we learn in the module “The shadow strikes back”?

As in the first module, we will combine the development of facilitation skills, presence and Shadow work,
together with deep healing processes and integration with our shadow.

In the realm of skills:

Deepening your Shadow work with clients – identification, questioning, exploration and integration.

Meeting with shadows of intense emotions – anger, horror and shame.

Shadows of disconnection, doom and void – creating a safe encounter with what can not be touched.

Expanding, flexing and deepening our sensory channels as representatives, clients and especially as facilitators.

Establishing confidence and the ability to hold group facilitation.

In the realm of mending and healing:

Shadows of Visibility – Another step in being able to take our place in the world and make our voice heard.

Shadows of Guruism and Leadership – What keeps us from sitting comfortably in the facilitator and teacher chair?

The Shadows of the witch and the shaman – the shadows we carry from our soul professional ancestors.

Shadows of trauma and the return of soul fragments – deepening in the understanding of shadow, trauma and soul shards retrieval.

Additional shadows of sexuality – union with the dark and light masculine & union with the dark and light feminine.

Shadows of disregard, and the ability to release the experience that everything is fateful.


How shall we learn?

Through various paths, we will seek the healing connection of body, mind, awareness, soul and spirit:
Group constellations.
Practice in small groups with representatives and observers.
Discourse and theory.
Movement and presence.
Self and joint creation of new ways of working with the shadow.

Who is this training module for?

To those of you that:
Working with people is a part of your soul path and it is clear to you that this work passes through the shadow lands.
Have already learned the Shadow Constellation basic training with me and were left with a clear taste of more.
Have a desire to meet the shadows that manages and controls us more deeply and widely than before.
are touched and excited by the above mentioned topics.

when and where?


10 lessons of 3.5 hours.

We will meet once a week.

Morning time:
On Wednesdays morning 10:00-13:30 Israel time.
Starting on February 28th 2024.
These are the module dates:
28/2, 6/3, 13/3, 20/3, 27/3, 3/4, 10/4, 17/4 – Pessach holiday – 1/5, 8/5, 15/8 (Replacement lesson).
Assisting in this training is Aminah Sheikh.

What is the cost and payment options?

The module costs 850 Euros.

This module is also recognized for the purpose of the training program of constellation facilitators given by “The Constellation Path Institute”.
You can pay by the convenient WISE platform.

Payments : The payment can be divided to up to ten installments.
The registration fee is the first payment.

payment options:

The preferred payment option is WISE (
This service gives the best commission and exchange rate.
Upon opening a free account, you may
transfer the payment to my account by using my email (you already have it).

If you have any issues with paying through WISE, please contact me and we will find a solution.

Have you any questions about this training?

Please feel free to contact me and we will talk about it <3

Looking forward to hearing from you,