Would you like to learn the basics of Shadow Constellations, but you prefer to learn in Spanish rather than in English?
I am very glad to be able to offer, for the first time, a basic Shadow Constellations training in English with translation to Spanish.

This training is offered through the Virtual Systemic Trauma University founded and directed by Dr Anngwyn St. Just and Graciela Lauro.

About the training:

  • Six monthly lessons of 4 hours each (total of 24 hours).
  • I will be teaching in English and a professional translator will translate to and from Spanish.
  • An experiential training with a practical focus.
  • Learn how to communicate with your Shadow to become a deeper and safer facilitator.
  • The training includes theory, self use & supervision structures and group sessions.
  • You will learn to identify your Shadow triggers, to work through some of your own Shadows, to use self-supervision Shadow Constellations structures, to relate to Cultural shadows, Golden Shadows (what you envy and adore) and to get in touch with your own Shadows of helplessness which are so important in facilitation and therapy alike.


All lessons will take place on Saturdays, 4pm-8pm CEST/CET, via Zoom.
  • 18/6 – Introductions to Shadow Constellations – The three main archetypes of the Shadow¬† & how to identify and embody them.
  • 23/7 – The Shadow in the clinic – How the Shadow affects transference relationships & how to diffuse its effects.
  • 6/8 – The Shadow in Constellation facilitation – How the Shadow interferes with the position of the facilitator & how to regain a our wider perspective.
  • 17/9 – Cultural Shadows -Shadows vary between cultures, our own and those of our ancestors & how to make peace with the cultural layer.
  • 29/10 – Golden Shadows and Shadows of Success – What we believe we do not have in us and how to access it to become more successful.
  • 19/11 – Shadows of Helplessness – How to identify and work with Helplessness which is one of the most common Shadows, culturally and personally, for us in the helping professions.


Registration and payment is done through the Virtual Systemic Trauma University.
There are several payment options, including a current student discount.
For more information about this training (also in Spanish), please visit the university website (here).

Please fill the form below with your contact info and the University staff will get back to you shortly.
If you are not contacted within a few days, please let me know directly.

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