International practice groups for students of Nir Esterman

Welcome, dear students and colleagues,
This is an invitation to join the new and exciting practice groups format.
Links to join on Whatsapp/telegram are given below.

Please feel free to contact me, or Daria Les, with any question or suggestion.

Practice groups topics and times:

Golden Shadows and the embodiment of the Quality:
18th of November 2021,
6pm – 8:30pm CEST

Cultural Shadows:
9th of December 2021,
11am – 1:30pm CEST

Systemic Transference:
13th of January 2022
5pm – 7:30pm CEST


The purpose of the group is to support the practice, development, exchange of ideas and forming an international community of professionals who studied with me and thus have a shared language.

This is a peer-learning container, not a teacher centered one.
Everybody participating understands that it is a professional practice context, not therapy and that each participant is responsible for her/his own wellbeing and boundaries.

The Format:

For Whom:
People who studied with me (Nir Esterman) in a workshop, a course or a training program.

When and for how long:
Once a month.
For 2.5 hours each time.
3-4 rounds of the same structure. 30 minutes each.

The Essence:
practicing the facilitation of structures, in small groups.
Structures may be either those you learned with me or those inspired by the space holder practice and healing journey.

* The first groups will be based on the structures taught in the Shadow Constellation courses.

Space Holding:

You, as a group and as individuals will be holding the space.
role of the space holder is voluntary and would be chosen ahead.

The space holding role welcomes anyone willing to practice online organizational skills,
establishing and holding the space for peer-to-peer groups and introducing
the topic of practice
This means that in each practice session, one of you will be a temporarily space holder.

Please contact Daria Les (details below) if you are interested in holding space in one of the practice sessions.

The Suggested Flow:

Part 1- Welcome and description of the practice (around 15 minutes):
The space holder welcomes everybody in.

The space holder offers a short description of the issue/subject and the structure.

Part 2 – Moving to breakout rooms in groups of 4-5 people(2 hours).
The structure is practiced 3-4 times within the same small group (same BO room).
After 25 minutes have passed, the group pauses for 5 minutes sharing and positive evaluation (if the facilitator wishes to receive feedback).
Then a new round begins with a different client and facilitator.

* All who wish may facilitate, be clients, representatives, observers or supporters.
* It is o.k. and even encouraged for the facilitator to consult with the participants – It’s a practice.
* It is understood that there is no guarantee that you will be in any specific role.
* It is understood that you may stop before a session reaches a full resolution or even a good enough resolution and that you may need to continue the work afterwards in whatever format is right for you.

Part 3 – Group questions and Discussion

In the main room, time is given (usually up to 15 minutes) to ask questions.
Some sharing is also possible if it supports the learning process of the group.
Farewell until the next time.

Receiving information about the groups:

Information about the practice groups will be announced once or twice a month.
We will use both Whatsapp and /telegram channels where only the admins can post so it stays quiet.

These same Channels will also be used to

  • Offer options to participate as representatives for my online (private practice) group constellations,
  • Update once a month on new learning opportunities with me




The practice groups are free to participate for students and alumni.
The practice groups are a way to build an international community of peers with a shared base.
We only ask that you respect the time and effort of the other participants and do come if you indicated that you will do so.

Technical considerations:

You need to

  • Be able to participate for the entire practice group.
  • Have a stable internet connection.
  • Be in a quiet private room.

Who will be coordinating it all?

Daria Les,
A breath worker and a student of Shadow & Family Constellations will be the coordinator of the training space.
Please refer to her with any questions or requests.
These are her contact details:

Whatsapp/Telegram: +79538549118

Your Feedback and Suggestions:

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Please feel free to contact Daria with anything regarding the groups and she will pass it on to me.