Conflict Resolution

May 2021,
The powder keg of Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been re-ignited.

Military and civil unrest, riots, rockets, fighting.
Life lost and property destroyed.
long time neighbors who managed to live together have become enemies, or at least this is how it feels.
Fear, hopelessness, an undermining of peace without and within.

A deep pain is in me, in many of us.
A pain going thousands of years back, and possible also a pain from the unknown future.
There is fear too.

I would like to invite you to a Healing/Conflict resolution constellation for this conflict.

Let us get warm around the fire, rather than fire at each other

It feels as what is happening here has to to with the entire world, not just with us.

This is why I imagine a large circle of Constellators from around the globe.
Holding a sacred space together, representing when it fits, witnessing.

I pray for a healing of/from a higher order.
I pray for the birth of a new – Full Resolution for what has been going for so long.

Please join us for this process.
facilitators, students, anyone who is connected to this work.

Time: Saturday, 15th of May 7pm to 9/10 pm Israel time.
Participation is free.
Registration is needed so that I know if I should enlarge my Zoom for the session.

The plan:
Rafael Ruiz Amdal, from Mexico, An experienced and empathic constellator and psychologist has graciously accepted my invitation on a very short notice. he will be leading a meditation and a group constellation.
I will be hosting, holding space and offering a short collective intervention.

Shortly after registering, you will receive an email with the Zoom details.

Thank you <3