Inter Generational Trauma Healing Course

Inter Generational Trauma affect our lives on many levels.
The conflicts, challenges and difficult fates of our ancestors shape our embodiment, attitude, loyalties, emotional responses and even limits the degree to which we may successful.

Culturally, we are almost blind to its effect, and are not used to identifying it as an meaningful influence on our life.
Many professionals lack the tools to work with it effectively

Family Constellations, developed by Bert Hellinger, offer a deep, effective and often life changing approach and tools to resolve Inter Generational Trauma.

In this training we will combine Family Constellations with Embodiment, Shadow Work and a Trauma aware approach to offer you tools and perspectives you may use for yourself and bring to your practice.

In each lesson of this focused training for professionals, we will explore various aspects of Inter Generational Trauma offering understanding, personal work and tools you may take with you to your practice.

Each lesson will include an experiential healing structure for you.

The lessons are accompanied by a moderated group chat and prompts for reflection and self work.

5 Focused Lessons

Lesson 1: The Embodiment of Inter Generational Trauma – How to recognize and change it.
10th November 15:00-16:30 IDT
Understanding IG Trauma? | identifying IG Trauma and its effect on us | the power of Acknowledging the past.
Lesson 2: Collective and War IG Trauma – Forming a bigger perspective.
17th November 15:00-16:30 IDT
Becoming aware of our collective loyalties | war IG Trauma | identifying and acknowledging them for ourselves and our clients.
Lesson 3: Your Shadow is the child of your family IG Trauma.
24th November 15:00-16:30 IDT
Shadow work basics | identifying IG Trauma through our Shadow | disentangling from the past to create peace today.
Lesson 4: Does your IG Trauma affect the size of your practice/business?
1st December 15:00-16:30 IDT
IG Trauma and safety | how to take more space | enhancing the size and shape of your container.
Lesson 5: How to take it all in – How to do this work safely with yourself?
8th December 15:00-16:30 IDT
Carrying on with the work by yourself | resourcing & supporting | integration and final Q&A

Nir Esterman

  • A teacher and a facilitator of Family and Systemic Constellations, Embodied Shadow Work and Bodywork.
  • Developer of Shadow Constellations.
  • Therapist & Speaker.
  • Specializes in working with therapists & facilitators of all kinds.
  • A staff member of the Constellation Way School of Systemic Constellations & the online Systemic Trauma University.
  • A staff member of the International Embodiment Facilitator Course [EFC], Russia.
  • M.Sc in Science teaching. B.Sc in Bioinformatics.


This course is organized in collaboration with BODY4BIZ Project. A team that I worked with in Moscow since 2014.
BODY4BIZ is a professional team, sharing embodiment knowledge and practice with professionals for more than 8 years.

Initially created by specialists from Russia the project delivers professional training internationally now.
In 2022 the main focus of the project is to help therapists, social workers, volunteers and others to stay strong, resilient and caring.

Possible Results

  •     Knowledge about IG trauma and it affects you and your clients.
  •     A set of embodied experiential tools to explore your own IG traumas and increase your well being.
  •     A deeper understanding of the underlying dynamics of your current life difficulties.
  •     Gaining freedom from the bonds of IG traumas – Stopping the unconscious survival mode.
  •     Feeling safer & Being able to take more space.
  •     Integrating with important (creativity, strength, flexibility, freedom of choice…) self-parts that were not accessible before.
  •     Feeling less overwhelmed by collective current events.
  •     Reducing secondary traumatization.

Technical Information

Language: This is an international course and it is given in English.
There will be simultaneous translation to Russian to those who require that (it will only be heard by those who need it).

 Presence: In order to benefit fully from this training, you need to be present at the training at real time, with your camera open.

Recording: I will be recorded on both Video and Audio. Participants will only be recorded on Audio.
A link to the recording will be sent to the participants.

Connection: Please make sure that you have a good connection (preferably by cable)

Registration, Cost & Payment

Registration process:
After you feel the form, and transfer the payment, within 24 hours you will receive an email with all the course details.
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Cost: 350 Euros.

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With this option you may pay in 1 or 2 monthly installments.

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