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Family and Systemic Constellation Certification Program (Online) for therapists, practitioners and facilitators (2021-2022).

Dear therapists, practitioners, coaches and facilitators,
Would you like to:

  • Extend your work to include healing inter-generational trauma?
  • Deepen your Shadow integration and learn to facilitate it for your clients?
  • Be able to support your clients and maintain your income under any conditions, in-person and online?
  • Integrate practical systemic tools and perspectives into your existing practice – from module one?
  • Build your knowledge, skill and confidence to work in individual and group setting in a structured supportive environment?

Join this 14 months practical program to:

  • Become a skillful facilitator of Family Constellation.
  • Gain independence from lock downs and any other external limitations.
  • Participate in a practical yet deep healing and learning process.
  • Embrace a most powerful healing modality which will empower you personally and professionally.
  • Connect your clients to their real sources of power and support.
  • Receive a solid and broad foundation of family constellations clinical and group practice.
  • Learn from a variety of teachers and international masters of the field.
"Any therapist or facilitator should know of this work. It is life changing and healing."
Personal process therapy
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What are Family & Systemic Constellations?

Family & Systemic Constellations, developed by Bert Hellinger, is a powerful healing modality which views many difficulties as originating in unresolved inter-generational trauma.

Family Constellations allow us to:

  • Work with physical symptoms, emotional patterns & relationship issues.
  • Quickly identify the deep underlying sources of these issues.
  • Restore harmony, a sense of belonging, agency and power.
  • Transform relationships.
  • Reintegrate with lost self-parts.
  • connect with ancestors and excluded family members.
  • remove the burden of the past from adults and children alike.
  • Develop a systemic, inclusive and compassionate facilitation ability.

Who is this training for?

It is for you, the professional (therapist, coach, facilitator or practitioner) who:

  • Already works with people (or just about to).
  • Feels the need to include inter-generational trauma healing to your work.
  • Chooses to integrate all levels, body, mind, soul and spirit.
  • Wishes to learn a new powerful healing modality.
  • Loves a transformative experiential learning process.
  • Wants to easily integrate the new tools with your existing healing modalities.
  • Understands the importance of supervision and wants tools for self-supervision.
  • Searches for a broad, systemic perspective to take your clients beyond the individual story.
  • Values learning with an international group.
  • Appreciates the freedom of working with clients from all over the world
  • Want to never again have your livelihood threatened by social distancing or lock-down policies.

What are the Requirements for Participation and Certification?

Professional requirements:
(To make sure that the program is right for you)

  • Having been professionally trained in working with people.
  • Working with clients or just about to.
  • Having a support net for issues that may arise during the training (e.g. therapy, supervision, colleagues).
  • Being available for a deep and experiential learning (e.g. not in the middle of a personal crisis).
  • Understanding this is a professional program which includes personal development and not the opposite.
  • Agreeing to act and speak in a polite manner with students and staff alike.
  • Passing an online personal interview with Nir Esterman and Ayelet Sivan before the training.

Participation requirements:
(So that you will benefit the most from the program)

  • Fully participating in at least 80% of the live lessons
  • Watching all the recordings of any lesson you may have missed.
  • Fully participating in at least 80% of the weekly peer-practice.
  • Completing a practical internship, a total of 20 hours as a facilitator towards the end of each year.
  • Submitting a written report on the practicum challenges and growth.
  • Participating in at least 70% of the group supervision sessions each year.

 Technical requirement:
(For the learning experience of yourself and your fellow students)

  • Being able to connect from a desktop/laptop (mobile phones/tablets won’t do).
  • Having a stable internet connection – by cable (wifi connection is usually not stable enough).
  • Making sure audio and video equipment are in good order.
  • Having a quiet, private working area.
"Things I didn't dare do, I didn't think I ever will suddenly happen without effort. Difficult problems are being solved, it feels like magic."
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Overview and syllabus of the certification program:

What is the learning style?

This is an online, two level experiential and practical training.

We will practice and work with real issues from both your professional practice and personal lives.

All lessons are 3.5 hours, including a 15 minutes break.

The learning will balance:

  • Theory
  • Personal practice
  • Pair/small group practice.
  • Group sessions.
  • Supervision
  • Sharing.

Practically orientated:

  • 266 hours of learning, practicing and participating.
  • A diversity of teachers and facilitation, space holding and teaching styles.
  • A Shadow and Trauma aware training
  • Structures you can apply in your practice from the first module.
  • Emphasis on peer practice and peer supervision.
  • Learning the basics through experiencing them.

What is the focus of the First level (Foundations training)?

This level focuses on:

  • Learning the basics and foundations of Family Constellations.
  • Broadening the range of issues you can work with.
  • Adding Systemic interventions and structures to your clinical repertoire.
  • Connecting to your inter-generational history and trauma.
  • Developing Systemic and phenomenological perspectives.
  • Learning to facilitate full sessions in 1*1 settings.
  • Using Shadow work to create a safer container for your clients.
  • Doing self-sessions and Self-supervision.
  • Gaining confidence and skill in facilitating early on in the program.

* A detailed Syllabus will be sent upon request.
This level will be taught mainly by Nir Esterman.

"This healing is so deep and so wide. Reaching through the Shadow into harmful family dynamics, healing the inter-generational transfer of trauma, it offers so much hope for me."
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Body Psychotherapist

Second level (advanced training):

This level focuses on:
Widening your scope of issues, facilitation styles and systemic perspective.
Building within you, a fuller, more interconnected professional facilitator.
A deeper phenomenological approach in 1*1 and group settings.
Facilitating full sessions in group settings.
Shadow working with core issues and wounds for both yourself and your clients.

This level is built from 4 mini-modules of 5 lessons each, in addition to group supervision, masterclasses and practicum.

Deepening Shadow work mini-module (With Nir Esterman):
Learning to work with core Shadows such as helplessness, aggression, vulnerability, sexuality & death.

Relationships mini-module (with Meirav Schreiber):
Learning to facilitate for couples, parents-children issues, parents counseling, inner child and trauma in relationships.

Constellations of the Soul mini-module(with Gali Bear):
Deepening the soul and spirit connections, getting in touch with the roots of our soul and working with our will and spiritual guidance.

Group Constellations Facilitation mini-module (With Nir Esterman):
Stepping up from 1*1 or small group facilitation to working with full groups, learning to hold the group and the field, practicing supervised group work and more.

What is the Group Supervision plan?

The supervision for each level includes:

  • Three lessons dedicated to group supervision. 
  • One group supervision focused on you.
  • Active participation in the supervision of your fellow students.
  • Short supervision opportunities during regular classes.

This format supports you as a facilitator, as a colleague offering supervision to your peers, and a supervisor.

"You are an artist and a master of both Shadow Work and Family Constellations."
Family Constellations

What is the structure of the Practicum:

Each training level includes 20 hours of practicum with real clients.

  • You will find 2-5 (could be existing) clients to work with and practice your new skills.
  • You will write a short summary of the process, challenges and outcomes of each process.
  • You will reflect on your own challenges and growth.
  • The practicum should take place during the program so that you will receive support when needed.

This is yet another support for you to integrate Family Constellations quickly into your clinical practice.

The entire two levels training will include:

A total of 50 lessons (3.5 hours each):

  • 40 theory & practice lessons (20 each level).
  • 6 Group supervision (3 each level).
  • 4 masterclasses with special guest teachers (2 each level):
    Jan Jacob Stam – Netherlands.
    Jonine Lee Gabay – Australia.
    Yishai Gaster – Israel.
     Sneh Victoria Schnabel – Germany.
  • One personal meeting with Nir Esterman or Ayelet Sivan, the course assistant.
  • Each student will receive a group session during the program.
  • 40 hours of practicum with real clients (20 each level).
  • 50 Weekly peer-practice of 1 hour at your convenience (independently arranged between students).

In addition, you will receive:

  • A discounted price for all short online workshops given during the learning period.
  • Free recording of 3 different online workshops of your choice.
  • Entrance into the alumni intervention and support platform.

Registration is for the entire program.
It is for professionals who already work with people and wish to learn a new powerful and practical healing modality

"Meeting our Shadows is one of the most profound thing that exist. It changed my entire life. Shadow Constellations allowed me to get so much closer to myself."

2021-2022: Foundations & Advanced training

What is the time frame for the training?

  • The Training will begin on 11th of October 2021.
  • All classes will take place on Mondays. 8:30 – 12:00 UK time (GMT).

2021 – Foundations training dates:

  • October: 11th, 18th, 25th.
  • November: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th.
  • December: 6th, 13th, 20th (Masterclass)
    Christmas vacation & End of First foundations module (27th).

2022 – Foundations training dates:

  • January: 3rd (Reserved), 10th, 17th, 24th (Group supervision), 31st.
  • February: 7th, 14, 21st (Group supervision), 28th.
  • March: 7th, 14th, 21 (Group supervision), 28th.
  • April: 4th – End of second foundations module & foundations completion ceremony.
    Easter/Passover vacation (11th & 18th),
    25th (Reserved)

2022 – advanced training dates:

  • May: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th. – End of Shadow Constellations mini-module
  • June: Pentecost vacation (6th), 13th (Masterclass), 20th, 27th,
    July: 4th, 11th, 18th – End of Relationship Constellations mini-module.
    25th (Group supervision).
  • Summer vacation 1 – 31 Aug
  • September: 5th (Reserved), 12th, 19th, “Rosh Hashana” vacation (26th).
  • October: 3rd, “Sukot” vacation (10th),
    17th (Group supervision), 24th, 31st – End of Soul Constellations mini-module.
  • November: 7th (Masterclass), 14th (Masterclass), 21st, 28th.
  • December: 5th (Group supervision), 12th, 19th.
    Christmas vacation (26th).

2023 – advanced training dates:

  • January: 2nd – End of Group Constellations mini-module, 9th (Reserved & Graduation party).
* Dates are almost final but may still be subject to small changes.


"My Shadow Constellation was so powerful and precise. I felt the effect immediately. My relationship with my parents softened, and I felt more understanding, patience and love towards them."
Biosynthesis therapist

What is the investment and what are the payment options:

The number of students is limited to 22.

  • Participation is for the entire program.
  • Each training level costs 2000€.
  • The entire certification program costs 4000€.
  • Registration is done by paying the first installment.
  • By Registering to the certification program you commit to pay for it in full.

Payment options:

  • International credit card holders:
    • It is possible to pay in up to 20 monthly installments of 200€.
    • This option is reserved only for holders of international credit cards.
    • After setup, payments will be handled automatically.
    • This arrangement is based on an renewable monthly payment so that your credit limit is only changed by 200€.
  •  Paypal & Transferwise:
    • Paying through Paypal or Transferwise is limited to 10 monthly installments of 400€.
    • You are responsible to pay each installment on time.

Cancellation policy:

  • Until 1st September 2021 – 200€ handling charge only.
  • Until 15th of September 2021 – 20% of the program cost is charged.
  • Until 30th of September 2021 – 50% of the program cost is charged.
  • As of 1st of October – The entire cost of the program is charged.

Important note – The certification program depends on a minimal number of participants to be opened.

"The way you lead the group... It's so powerful yet so gentle. I felt safe, seen and protected. Thank you!"
specific Shadow constellations subjects
Embodiment facilitator

Are there scholarships?

We are offering two partial scholarships giving each a 40% discount.
Students receiving the scholarship will only pay 2400€.

To be considered for the scholarship you need to:

  •  Have a real financial need of this scholarship.
  • Be already working a significant portion of your practice with those socially in need (e.g. immigrants, deep poverty).
  • Have a deep intention to take this work into your practice.
  • Pass the personal interview like all students.
  • Write a short (up to one page) description of yourself, your work and the reasons for applying for this scholarship.
    * Please attach this description in the registration form (in word or pdf, up to 1 Mb file size).


The Constellation Path Institute

This training is recognized as a full certification program in “The Constellation Path – International Institute for the Study of Systemic Constellationsmmfounded by Yishai Gaster.

All teachers other than the masterclasses are certified teachers from the school.

In order to complete the full certification program and receive the certification, you will need to complete in a satisfactory way, all the requirements mentioned above.

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The next live webinar will take place on the 23rd of August 2021,
10:00-11:30 UK time.

You can also watch the recording of the previous webinar.

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"I began applying the tools I learned in my clinical work during the first module. The results keep surprising and delighting me."
Shadow work and self parts integration
Bodymind Therapist

The Certification Program Team

Nir Esterman - Principle Teacher (Group & Shadow Constellations)

Nir Esterman(M.Sc),

  • A teacher and a facilitator of Family and Systemic Constellations, Embodied Shadow Work and a Body Psychotherapist for over 18 years.
  • The developer of Shadow Constellations.
  • Lives in Israel and teaches internationally.
  • Specializes in working with professionals in the field of healing and personal development.
  • A staff member of “The Constellation Way” School of Systemic Constellations.
  • A staff member of the Embodiment Facilitator Course (EFC), Russia.
  • M.Sc in Science teaching – Researching Interdisciplinary learning.
  • B.Sc in Bioinformatics.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” C.G. Jung

Nir’s approach offers a unique mixture of a deep, respectful commitment to the healing and development process, together with humor, and an interdisciplinary approach to learning and facilitating.

Drawing from years of clinical practice and teaching, Nir’s brings an Embodied, trauma informed, inter-subjective and eye level perspective, providing a compassionate safe space while supporting a direct healing connection with What lies hidden deep within us.

Experience Nir Esterman:

You are welcome to watch the following one hour recordings of sessions in online conferences with Nir.
Each one includes some theory and a guided practice you can do and experience yourself.

A session on Inter-generational trauma in the Embodied trauma conference (2020) organized and hosted by Karine Bell.

A session on Healing Inter-generational trauma and Shadow work in
The Embodiment Conference (2020)

Ayelet Sivan, Program Assistant

Ayelet Sivan(M.Ba),

  •  A Family Constellations facilitator (“The Constellation path”).
  • A certified professional Co Active Coach (CTI The Coaches Training Institute).
  • A certified Focusing trainer (The Focusing Institute New York).
  • A former international strategic consultant.

Meirav Schreiber Conte - Teacher (Relationships Constellations)

Meirav Schreiber Conte 

  • An international Family Constellations facilitator and teacher (“The Constellation path”).
  • A dance therapist since 2001 specializing in emotional therapy and spiritual care.
  • A staff and council member of “The Constellation Path” school of systemic constellations founded by Yishai Gaster.
  • An Israeli Jewish woman married to a christian Italian man, parents to Agata living in Tel Aviv and Italy

“I dedicate my life to inner search for my Soul, and others,
as I discovered over the years that “meaning of life” for me is to stay with
my experience in an open ended curiosity that teaches me about
relationships of all kinds, with family, friends, the world and the

I joined the Diamond Heart School for self development with A.H
Almaas in 2006 where I keep myself engaged in a live inquiry and add
this nature of inner work to the Family Constellations path.

Gali Bear - Teacher (Constellations of the Soul)

Gali Bear( & ch) 

  • An international Family Constellations facilitator and teacher (“The Constellation path”).
  • A Chinese medicine expert specializing in women health and wholeness.
  • Developer of needling on representations method.
  • A woman circle facilitator and a great believer in a long group process.
  • A staff member of “The Constellation Path” school of systemic constellations founded by Yishai Gaster.
  • A Spirit woman, daughter of a spiritual teacher (KABALAH) and growing up with the connection to the beyond.
“The relationship between flesh and all parts of spirit have always fascinated me.
I am an explorer in the universal playground,
I love to travel from the body to other dimensions and bring back the knowledge to embody in flesh.”

Guest Teachers (Masteclasses)

Sneh Victoria Schnabel (Germany)

Sneh Victoria Schnabel (Germany)

  • Facilitator and long-term instructor (DGfS) of constellation work, founder of the School for the Path Less Traveled.
  • Initiator and co-director of the conference series: Constellation Work and Spirituality (2004, 2006, 2008).
  • Guest lecturer and trainer at institutes in Germany and abroad; lecturer at international conferences.
  • 2008—2016 member of the faculty of the annual “International Intensive” in Bernried. Germany.
  • Co-author: ”Derselbe Wind läßt viel Drachen steigen” (The same wind causes many kites to rise), Carl-Auer-Systeme Verlag and ”Returning to Membership in Earth Community: Systemic Constellations with Nature”.
  • Various articles in German and English journals.

”Apart from the fact that learning experiences like to hide in our normal everyday life, they tend to be mercilessly noticeable during my work with groups. Escaping, or ”know it already!”, does not work.
Uncomfortable? Yes. Boring? Never.

Especially new information, just acquired as ”secure knowledge” is prone to being pulled away from under my feet with regularity; and often the opposite of the logical proves correct, but without me being able to rely on it.

And, as time goes by, all my convictions about how life ought to work keep loosing their grip.

But what remains is that I keep stumbling on these breathtaking lookouts–showing the wonders of this life with all its beauty–that I can not help but want to share them with everyone and the entire world!”

Jan Jacob Stam (The Netherlands)

Jan Jacob Stam (Netherlands)

  • Founder of the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute and Northernlight publishers.
  • International teacher and an expert in Organizational and Societal Constellations.
  • Author of six books on systemic work, organizer of many congresses.
  • Studied biology and educational sciences.

“I feel like an explorer.
The systemic approach and constellations are deeply satisfying my curiosity in understanding the essence of social
I feel like a small boy on the beach of the vast ocean of yet unknown knowledge and wisdom, being happy to find from time to time a
beautiful shell washed ashore”

Jonine Lee Gabay (Australia)

Jonine Lee Gabay (Australia)

  • International Family/Systemic Constellations facilitator & teacher & Mindfulness based Breathwork Trainer.
  • Psychotherapist and NLP Practitioner.
  • Organizer of the annual International Australian intensive.
  • Expertise including relationships counseling, Incest & sexual abuse recovery, grief & depression, fertility and more.

“If there is an area I love to teach, it is parts-work with constellations, accessing JOY as a core internal STATE and reference point

Yishai Gaster (Israel)

Yishai Gaster (Israel)

  • International Systemic, family and organizational Constellations trainer and facilitator.
  • Founder of The Constellation’s Path – Institute for the Study of Systemic Constellations.
  • Co-founder of ReMind – A Constellations based consulting agency for organizations
  • A graduate of the Chiron Center for Holistic Psychotherapy (UK) and a UKCP integrative psychotherapist.
  • As a lover of the international community he has moved around quite a lot, living for extensive periods of time in Israel, London, Tokyo, and Silicon Valley USA

“When we feel whole and at peace with what we have done today, we will have good support for what we will do tomorrow.

Even if, when we look back, we think we should have done it in a completely different way”

Students Testimonials


Full Certification Program Registration Form


Please note that Nir Esterman, Ayelet Sivan (the training assistant) and The Constellation Path – Institute for The Study of Systemic Constellations do not assume any responsibility for, nor are they liable for, the actions, non-actions, words or behaviors of teachers, facilitators, therapists and clinicians associated or trained by Nir Esterman himself, or other trainers of the above institute.
For that reason, Nir Esterman, Ayelet SIvan and the above institute cannot warrant or endorse the services provided by other trainers or facilitators.

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