WorkshopsBeyond Survival – A mini course for personal development in times of crisis.

Difficult times tend to draw us into our automatic survival responses.
The responses vary not only between people but also during the lifetime of the crisis.

What is your automatic survival response?
Do you: 
become very active and alert, looking for new ways to overcome this challenge?
become filled with anxiety and/or helplessness, trying to run away from it all?
become focused on the small things in life and wait until the storm passes?
Or, have you developed some more specific ways of dealing with the crisis?

While the reactions may vary, they share similar roots.
All reactions have some roots in psychologically learned responses, collective and intergenerational influences and traumas in our system.
However you react, you can benefit from better grounding, resourcing and from disentanglement of the current issue, from those of your past.

In this 3 part mini-course, you will receive practical tools and perspectives to help you develop a healthier state:
a sense of safety,
a greater freedom of choice in dealing with the current situation,
a connection with other people looking to develop beyond survival.

Course plan:
* 3 weekly lessons of two and a half hours each.
* Structured exercises from Embodiment, Shadow Work and Family Constellations.
* Some sharing (not obligatory).
* A practical and deep approach to help each of you feel better and ready to move forward with your life.

Who is it for?
This mini-course is for those, who have already done some personal development and are interested in looking into what is affecting you beyond the obvious.
*You don’t have to be a therapist or a facilitator although if you are one, it will benefit your professional development.

Group size: Up to 25 participants in each mini-course.

Cost: €120 (Coronavirus price. Normal price is €150).
There are two reduced price scholarships for 80 Euros. Please contact me if you really need one.

The mini-course will be online, via Zoom.
Specific schedule is yet to be decided.
Please contact me if you are interested in this mini-course.

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