Mini-Course: Introduction to Shadow Constellations

Shadow parts

How do you feel about your Shadow? (Read here to find out what the Shadow is).

For most of us, the Shadow has elements of fear, shame and disgust.
Even when we understand intellectually that Shadow Integration is good for us, the deeper the Shadow, the less comfortable we are with it.

And still, on our path of healing and development we must, at some point, turn towards our Shadows and have a good look at them.

We can learn how to identify, acknowledge and meet our Shadows.

The Shadow is born into the family and into our culture(s).

Its roots can be traced back to the traumatic and difficult experiences and events of our ancestors.

Shadow Constellations combines the powerful Ancestral or Intergenerational Healing offered by Family Constellations with the Self-Parts Integration of Shadow Work.

In this mini-course you will focus on your own work.
You will learn about the Shadow, its creation and how it affects us.

The learning will be mostly experiential.
We will go through several structured exercises.
The structures are built to help you identify and explore some of your Shadows and work out how to integrate them more fully.

Practical details

When: The next short training times are yet not known.
You are most welcome to join the mailing list to be informed on new dates when I know them.

Where: Online, in Zoom. A link will be sent in advance.

Group size: Up to 25 participants on each mini-course.

Cost: €120 (Coronavirus price, normal price is €150).
There are two reduced price scholarships for €80. Please contact me if you really need one.


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