We are all individual threads in the vast tapestry of life.

Much of our suffering is the result of our own thread either disconnecting from threads it should be in touch with; or becoming entangled with other threads in a way it shouldn’t.

It is time to reintegrate with our body, with our lost self or shadow parts, with family members and ancestors, with cultural identity or with other disconnected and/or disowned threads of life.

Reintegration is the essence of the healing and self-development work that I facilitate and teach.

A Professional Journey




The courses and workshops are offered to professionals who wish to enhance their therapeutic and facilitation abilities.

Learn the most effective tools and perspectives which have helped many clients, students and myself to facilitate meaningful life changes.

Receive the benefits of the integration from many sources; most of which may be grouped into the following three categories:

Intergenerational Trauma Healing

The past matters.
The trauma and unresolved issues of our direct and indirect ancestors, of our tribe and our culture, continue to live in us.

They affect how we experience ourselves, the world, and thus, shape our choices, and eventually our fate.

The issues we do not acknowledge affect our children and their children.

Shadow &
Self-Parts Integration

All our parts matter.
We are conceived with a full potential.

Very early on we push some of who we are and who we may become into the Shadow.

Anything which may threaten our belonging may be given up, repressed and denied.

Thus we trade internal belonging for an external one.

Embodiment & Body Integration

The body matters.
The body is the medium through which we live and experience life.

The body remembers.
Every trauma, disconnection or entanglement is expressed in the body.  Every bodily trauma may cause disconnection or an entanglement. 

The more embodied we are, the more vital, grounded and fully alive we become.

Courses and Workshops

Learn to identify your Shadow
and how it affects every professional relationship and interaction with your clients, students, colleagues and teachers.

Experience healing at its Intergenerational roots
allowing self-integration at a deep level and enjoying both internal and external belonging.

Apply Shadow Work skillfully in personal and clinical situations
expanding our Shadow-working abilities to support your practice and personal relationships.


Nir Esterman

My Story

April 2013,
We were visiting Pardes Hana, the town where we now live in Israel. Pardes Hana is known for the number and variety of therapists who live there.

I felt the urge to offer a new workshop, one aimed at teaching therapists from all approaches, how to pay attention to their clients’ body.
I ‘listened’ to that urge.

At the time, I had been a body and trauma-oriented therapist (Grinberg method) for 10 years, with a thriving practice. I had also been facilitating and teaching body awareness and integration skills (embodiment) for several years.

On that day, the course of my professional life took a turn.